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Wireless communication on the Electra Elite 192 and Electra Elite 48 is provided by the installation of the BSU (2)-U10 ETU (Base Station Unit). This ETU provides the hardwired connection from the KSU to the Zone Transceivers (ZT). These ZTs are positioned as needed to provide coverage zones for mobile operation for the Dterm PSIIí terminals.


The introduction of Wireless terminals on the Electra Elite 48/192 offers on premise mobility for system users. This mobility translates into increased productivity as key personnel on the go within the coverage area can conduct business.  ZTs can be situated to provide zones of seamless coverage. As a Dterm PSII user moves between zones, during the course of his/her work, they are never out of touch, because their active calls are automatically handed-off to other zones when necessary.

The Dterm PSII will always attempt to connect to the ZT with the strongest signal. Using optional weatherproof boxes, ZTs can be placed to allow Dterm PSII users to move from inside the building to the outdoors without loss of their active call. The ability to move from inside a building to outside and maintain complete communication operability is important in those applications where missed calls can mean missed business.

Specifications for Wireless Application for the Electra ELITE Systems


System Control

Stored program control

Minimum software level


Wireless Protocol

Based on RCR-STD-28 (PHS) and TIA/EIA-667 PACS-WUPE

Zone Transceiver Line Interface

ISDN Basic Rate U-Interface Interface


# Max. Dterm PSII Handsets

# of Max. Zone Transceivers

Electra ELITE 48



Electra ELITE 192




Required Components

NOTE: All wireless systems require a Site Coordination Form available through Master Quote and posted on our web site; see also attached Site Coordination Form. This form is required to coordinate and register NECAM wireless sites with UTAM and must be sent to NEC with all wireless Purchase Orders.