InfoSet™ 408 targets small businesses and residences that require a powerful telephone system that is sized, priced, configured and most importantly designed for them. The new residential environment of multiple lines for parents, children and Internet access, has revolutionized consumer's needs for telephone equipment.


The InfoSet 408 turnkey solution provides users with the basic capacity of two outside lines and five digital phones. The system may be expanded to support up to a maximum of four outside lines and ten phones (eight digital phones and two digital VM ports or two analog ports). Caller ID Interface, Door Phone Interface and a Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR) interface are also available. In addition, support is provided for three analog branch connections used to share lines for fax machines, answering machines, etc.


InfoSet 408  Affordable turnkey solution for small offices, home offices and today's multi-phone households. User-friendly features allow for simple use, easy installation, integrated voice mail, high-speed Internet access and home networking.

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