Employees need not be out of touch just because they have stepped away from their desks. With NEC's Wired For Wireless® option, they can take their office phone with them. The call is answered on the first attempt even if the employee is in the warehouse, walking between buildings or in a conference room. The caller does not waste time with telephone tag and doesn't have to rely on an often-unreliable overhead paging system. For many organizations, missed calls are missed opportunities. With NEC's Wired For Wireless solution, you can leave your desk without fear of missing critical calls.

With NEC's Dterm® PSII (Personal Station) and NEC'S Wired For Wireless option, today's on-the-move work force can stay in constant touch with customers and colleagues. You can walk freely around your workplace while on a call - with no "dead zones." NEC's Wired For Wireless solution provides continuous coverage throughout a multi-storied building or across a multi-building campus.

NEC's Wired For Wireless solution provides employees with a fully featured wireless extension to their desktop telephone. Access to advanced telecommunication features such as voice mail, call forwarding and conferencing, provides the freedom and convenience of a mobile phone, with the advantages and features of a desktop handset.

DTERM PSII (Personal Station)

Telephone handset has been uniquely designed to support the professional's schedule and the special needs of people on the run. With up to 6 hours of continuous talk time and 500 hours of standby time, the Dterm PSII practically eliminates work interruption to change batteries.


Provide the high quality, digital radio link enabling people to make and receive calls from the Dterm PSII phones. The ZTs are inconspicuously mounted on ceilings and walls; provide continuous radio coverage throughout the coverage area.


A choice of wireless adjunct solutions for integration into your current PBX or Centrex system.


The broadest range of wireless capacities available in the market today. With fully integrated functionality, the user has access to many of the same resources as do other wired subscribers in the system and allows wireless to be added to your NEAX PBX without the expense of an adjunct system and PBX interface lines.


The introduction of Wireless terminals on the Electra Elite 48/192 offers on-premise mobility for system users. This mobility translates into increased productivity as vital personnel on the go within the coverage area can conduct business. Zone Transceivers (ZTs) can be situated in such a way as to provide zones of seamless coverage. As a Dterm PSII user moves between zones, during the course of his/her work, they are never out of touch because their active calls are automatically handed-off to other zones when necessary.